Quality and environment policy

Integrated and sustainable management of our forest products


The integrated Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Management, Sustainable Forest Management and Chain of Custody Policy according to the PEFC and FSC systems, of GRUPO VILLAPOL, is committed to an integrated management and improvement system, with the intention that its goods and/or services satisfy the needs of the interested parties, comply with current legislation and take into account the demands of the market and society regarding the origin of the raw material used in its processes and their final quality .

The VILLAPOL GROUP is made up of two companies belonging to the primary wood transformation sector, MADERAS VILLAPOL, S.A. and LAMINADOS VILLAPOL, S.A., dedicated the first to management, forest use, forest conservation, transport, commercialization of wood and opening and forestry maintenance of streets in electricity transmission lines, and the second to forest use and the manufacture of laminated wood.

It is the organization’s quality policy to have the necessary resources to meet the expectations of the interested parties and guarantee that the company’s services and goods comply with the requirements defined by the standards, specifications and other applicable requirements.

The environmental management policy commits the organization to integrate respect for the environment in the management of its activity, complying at all times with the applicable legal regulations and the control and improvement of its negative environmental aspects, working to prevent pollution.

The occupational health and safety management policy also implies a commitment to protect the health and integrity of our workers, through the control and prevention of risks associated with their jobs.

Commitment to the FSC Principles and Criteria and the promotion of sustainable forest management that assumes, guarantees, among other things, that the VILLAPOL GROUP does not acquire, process, or sell wood from: Illegal plantations; areas where civil or traditional rights are violated; places of special natural value; genetically modified trees; conflicting sources; illegal plantations or plantations belonging to threatened or endangered species.

The fact of choosing and complying with recognized standards implies that the VILLAPOL GROUP deploys multiple actions that will be based on the following principles:

– Quality as a concept to be applied in each activity carried out, the protection of the environment, safety and health of our workers and the promotion of forestry activity based on sustainability criteria is the responsibility of EVERYONE.

– A culture improvement program based on a dynamic way of working with shared values ​​and management style, through which the participation of all staff towards continuous improvement is encouraged, with a clear awareness of their responsibilities and competencies , for which all the personnel development processes will be deployed, focused on releasing their full potential.

– A business plan consisting of objectives, through the deployment of measures to achieve success using the relevant resources and techniques provided and at a reduced cost.

– Control of the performance in the indicators of the Integrated Management System, maintaining a correct feedback of both internal and external information, on their behavior in favor of continuous improvement.

– Knowledge of one’s position in relation to competitors, with an understanding of strengths and weaknesses.

– Effective management of processes so that they produce results that satisfy all interested parties, for which the key activities required to achieve them, the techniques, competencies and resources are identified and periodically reviewed.

– The continuous improvement of environmental behaviour, prioritizing minimization, recycling, reuse and prevention actions, as well as the conservation of natural resources, opting for proven, efficient and appropriate technology for the organization’s resources, and based on the correct interpretation of the legislation. applicable.

– Considering that GRUPO VILLAPOL belongs to the timber sector, its contribution to the promotion of sustainable forest management will project to society a new image of wood as the renewable and ecological product that it is.

Oscar Villapol Fernandez


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