Villapol laminates laminate experts for more than 50 years

The history of Laminados Villapol: from a family carpentry to the export of laminated wood

The activity of Grupo Villapol covers the use of wooded areas, reforestation and forest maintenance, sawmilling, the commercialization of tropical wood and the manufacture of laminated profiles for the manufacture of windows, edge-glued board and joists. This evidences his active involvement in the wood transformation process.

The absolute involvement of the Villapol family in the forestry business has led them to combine their long tradition in this sector with a firm commitment to the use of the most advanced technologies, with continuous adaptation to the most modern systems and means in all fields. of forestry activity.

The Villapol Group, has its headquarters in the town of Trabada, Lugo and develops its activities preferentially in the northern part of the Iberian Peninsula, although in reality its scope of action is at a European level, since Laminados Villapol sells in different European Union countries.

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