The history of Maderas Villapol: from a family carpentry workshop to the export of laminated timber

The Villapol family began its journey in the world of wood with a carpentry workshop in 1960. This workshop, together with the money raised by the emigrant brothers, was the basis for the purchase of the first forestry vehicle.

When the 8 brothers got together, they started to build the sawmill where they started to sell all over Spain, even exporting sawn timber to Morocco. Today it continues to serve the community of Trabada.

Parallel to the sawmill, the forestry business continued to be the mainstay of the group to the present day.
Together with three other associated companies, it was the first company to export eucalyptus globulus wood, specifically to Morocco.

The area of activity covers the entire northern part of Spain, with Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and Castilla y León being where its activity is more incipient.

Given the growing demand for wood by the secondary processing industry, in the 1980s Maderas Villapol created the necessary infrastructure and organisation for the import and marketing of tropical wood. After several years of research by the company’s technical team, Laminados Villapol was created. Since then (2000), laminated wood for carpentry and Eucalyptus Globulus has earned prestige and respect among all the professionals who have worked with it.

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